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The Smart Way to Buy a Car after Deployment

What you'll learn: What you need to know when buying a car after deployment


Sometimes, it just doesn’t make sense to keep your car while you’re away on deployment. Maybe those crazy monthly payments that seemed so worth it at the time don’t seem so reasonable when your wheels will be spending months parked in your buddy’s garage. Or maybe your state requires that you maintain insurance coverage while you’re gone, but you’re not even sure the mechanical reliability and financial value of your car would make it worthwhile anymore. Whatever the case, it may be smarter to sell now and then buy a new car wherever you find yourself stationed when you return Stateside.

The ace up your sleeve: PenFed’s Car Buying Service. If you decide to sell your vehicle before you’re deployed, PenFed can help you make a great deal on another when you return. The way it works is simple. The PenFed Car Buying Service shows you what others in your area paid for the car you want, so you know whether or not you’re getting a good deal. No one wants to overpay for a car!

See what others paid for the car you want and lock in your savings before you even visit a dealership. The in-depth, no-cost price reports give you the information you need to make a purchase. Secure your savings and enjoy a hassle-free car buying experience by working with one of our local certified dealers.

PenFed members save an average of $3,078 off a new car by using the PenFed Car Buying Service. If you buy your vehicle from a Car Buying Service Certified Dealer, you’ll save even more with a special discount on your PenFed auto loan. Car buying service users also receive access to additional discounts and get free CARFAX® Reports with most used cars.

When you use the car buying service, purchase through a certified dealer, and register your purchase with TrueCar, you also become eligible for TrueCar Buyer’s Bonus benefits at no cost.

Automobile Deductible Reimbursement (valued at up to $1,000) reimburses what you’ve paid for your insurance deductible when you file a claim. Reimbursements cover up to $500 two times per year. (Not available in New Hampshire or New York.)

Auto Expert Opinion lets you speak directly with a certified mechanic to discuss your questions about recommended repairs and cost, evaluating sounds your car is making. You get unlimited use of this service.

Simply report your completed purchase from a certified dealer within 45 days to receive your free bonus benefits.