You See It First! PenFed's Facebook Strives to Keep You Informed

Posted June 20 2013
by PenFed Team

If you’re one of the millions using Facebook every day, make sure to come by our Facebook Page and “Like us!” We’re eager to see our community grow! Join us online.

Why should I follow PenFed on Facebook?

We provide you with the latest updates, information, and exclusive news about PenFed offers and promotions. You will see it first on Facebook! If you want to know the absolute latest about PenFed news, Facebook’s the place to be. You’ll get the news faster than anywhere else.

We’re working to make sure your PenFed community on Facebook is useful and informative. We share member stories, big updates, and critical news around the clock. You deserve to know the latest information as fast as possible.

Why is my credit union on Facebook?

We’ve increasingly found that more and more members enjoy getting their news from social media. More messages are sent through social media than ever before, making it a bigger part of some members’ lives than even email. In this new world of real-time information and social sharing, we need to be where our members are.

And since PenFed serves its members, we go where they find convenience.

Be a hero to your friends

As a member of PenFed, you enjoy astounding rewards and jaw-dropping rates. When you’ve received such amazing benefits, you’ll want to share them with your friends and family.

Facebook is a fantastic way to spread the word about why you’re a PenFed member, helping your friends and family to save money. They deserve to know what PenFed has to offer and they’ll thank you.

We’re part of the community

Don’t forget that as a member of PenFed, we work for you. PenFed is part of your community, and we want to share our most exciting news with you. Joining our members on Facebook is the great way to stay involved with our member-owners.

If you’d like to know more about PenFed, our offers, and other PenFed members, come by Facebook and join us now!

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