How to stop payment of a check or ACH

Please note: Stop payment requests are time sensitive. We recommend you sign into PenFed Online or call us immediately if you need to place a stop payment.

Members are able to place stop payments via PenFed Online for checking account checks, Money Market Savings Account checks, Thrifty Credit Service checks, Personal Line of Credit Checks and Equity Line of Credit checks.

PenFed will also accept oral requests via PenFed’s member service line and signed written stop payment orders via fax from members and joint owners to cover a specific check, groups of checks or preauthorized debits (ACHs) from an account. Please see the Contact Us page for applicable phone and fax numbers. Due to processing times, PenFed cannot accept emailed stop payment requests.

Account owners must provide the following information:


•  Account Number
•  Check number or range or numbers
•  Date of check
•  Payee


•  Account Number
•  Amount or amount range
•  Payee

Please be advised that it is extremely important that this information is complete and accurate; incorrect information may cause delays and may cause the check or ACH to be paid, despite the stop payment order.


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