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Put Your Money in Your Pocket with Mobile Banking

What you'll learn: Benefits of mobile banking


Savvy people today realize that frequent smartphones and social media check-ins can draw your attention away from savoring the important things in life. But sometimes a mobile app can save you time and actually improve your life. Take mobile banking—you get unparalleled financial convenience, security, and services that put your finances literally in the palm of your hand.

End the endless trips to the ATM or branch

If you’re still driving to the ATM or your local branch office to deposit checks and conduct your everyday financial business, stop for a moment to consider the benefits of mobile banking—a quick and convenient, modern-day approach to managing your finances.

With mobile banking, you don’t need a local branch or even access to a computer to manage your money. Even better, a mobile banking app on your smartphone allows you to quickly deposit checks into your account no matter where you are.

At PenFed, it starts with the PenFed mobile app for your iPhone or Android smartphone. Download this free app, enter your login information, and then enjoy instant, on-the-go access to your PenFed accounts. Check your account balances, transfer funds, pay your bills, and more—as quickly and easily as picking up your phone.

Banking in the palm of your hand

With the PenFed mobile app on your smartphone or mobile device, you can quickly manage your financial affairs from wherever you are with features that allow you to:

  • Deposit checks.
  • Check your balance and review transactions.
  • Transfer funds or schedule recurring transfers between accounts—even accounts at other financial institutions.
  • Locate the nearest PenFed branch or network ATM.
  • Check the status of your loan or credit card application.
  • Pay your PenFed loan, mortgage, or credit card account.
  • Create travel notification alerts for all PenFed credit and debit card accounts.

If you’ve never banked using a mobile app before, you may wonder if your transactions and information could be as secure as online or branch banking. There’s no need for suspicion. The password, encryption, and security systems used by PenFed’s mobile banking app are solid and proven.

Download the PenFed Mobile App

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