Insurance Loss Claims Guide

Why is my insurance claim check payable to both PenFed and me?

We're responsible for ensuring that repairs are satisfactorily completed and your home is restored to its preexisting condition.

Can I pay my loan balance in full with my insurance claim check?

May I use my claim check to pay my past due payments?

My claim amount is greater than the principal balance on my loan.

What are the specific guidelines for processing a loss claim?

My claim is $20,000 or less.

My claim is between $20,001 - $35,000.

My claim is greater than $35,000.

My claim is a Total or Near Total Loss or my loan is past due more than 30 days or I have filed for Bankruptcy.

What documents do I need to complete my claim?

Where should I mail my claim check and documents?

May I go to a PenFed branch and have my claim check endorsed?

May I have my insurance claim check returned to me by overnight delivery?

May I have a family member or friend help with the claims process on my behalf?

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