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Earn rewards faster, add an authorized user

Simplified rewards, no annual fee, no foreign or transaction fees—Extend these valuable benefits and more to your loved ones by adding an authorized user to your account. It’s a great way to:

Accelerate your rewards – When authorized users make purchases with your card, you earn rewards.

Maintain financial control – You are the primary account holder so you can make any changes to the account plus you can help teach financial responsibility.

Consolidate family expenses – You can see one billing statement with a consolidated view so it’s easy to monitor transactions and pay bills.

Get started! Complete the Add Authorized User Form (PDF) and mail it to PO Box 1432, Alexandria, VA 22313-2032 or call 800-247-5626 today.

Mail Completed Form To:

Pentagon Federal Credit Union

PO Box 1432

Alexandria, VA 22313-2032

or call 1-800-247-5626

Credit Cards  

Rates and offers are current as of and are subject to change.



PenFed Gold Visa®   Purchase APR % to %
PenFed Platinum Rewards Visa Signature®   Purchase APR % to %
PenFed Power Cash Rewards Visa Signature®   Purchase APR % to %


The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is based on your creditworthiness when you open your account. Your APR will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate. Rates are based on an evaluation of applicant credit. Your actual APR will be disclosed at the time of credit approval. Not all applicants will qualify for the lowest rate. The APR for cash advances and non-promotional balance transfers is 17.99%. A 3% balance transfer fee applies to each transfer. 

Cardholders may sign up for free electronic statement notification to avoid paying a $1.00 fee for mailed paper statements. 

Rewards are available only for new purchases made with the card: cash advances, checks drawn from the account, balance transfers and fees are excluded and do not earn credit toward rewards. Certain restrictions may apply. Your card account must be open and in good standing to earn rewards.

*The PenFed Platinum Rewards Visa Signature® Card program is issued and administered by PenFed. Refer to the program rules, terms and conditions for complete details. Visa® USA determines which transactions are classified as gas purchases paid at the pump and supermarket purchases based on Merchant Category Codes. Military commissaries are supermarkets.


Balance Transfers  

I understand if I take advantage of any balance transfer, I will immediately be charged interest on all purchases made with my credit card unless I pay the entire account balance in full each month by the payment due date. Transaction is subject to credit approval. All rates and offers subject to change. The interest rates applicable to purchases or cash advances and for prior promotional balances remain unchanged. Balance transfers accrue interest from the date the transfer is posted to your account. Balance transfers of other PenFed credit cards, loans, and/or lines of credit are not eligible for this promotion. PenFed may stop offering this promotional rate for new balance transfers at any time and without prior notice.

You agree to allow 30 days to process your request, pay the amount(s) authorized and transfer the balance(s) to your PenFed credit card account. You may transfer up to your PenFed available credit, not to exceed your credit limit authorized by PenFed. Please continue to make minimum payments on your other credit card(s) until the balance(s) have been transferred. All over payments must be refunded by the other institution. Payment of the amount(s) authorized by you may or may not satisfy any outstanding balance(s) on the designated account(s). PenFed is not responsible for any remaining balance(s) or additional charges with regard to such accounts, nor for any charges resulting in any delay in the payment and transfer of balances. PenFed reserves the right to refuse multiple transfers from the same credit card. Balance transfers and balance transfer fees are excluded from earning rewards.


$100 Statement Credit Bonus Offer  

Accounts approved and issued will receive a $100 statement credit upon spending $1500 in purchase transactions within 3 months of account opening. Cash advances, credit card checks, and balance transfers do not qualify as purchase transactions. Each account is eligible for 1 statement credit of $100. Please allow 4 weeks after spending $1500 to receive the statement credit.


Ohio Residents: The Ohio laws against discrimination require that all creditors make credit equally available to all credit worthy customers, and that credit reporting agencies maintain separate credit histories on each individual upon request. The Ohio Civil Rights Commission administers compliance with this law.

Wisconsin Residents: No provision of a marital property agreement, unilateral statement or court decree adversely affects the interest of the creditor unless the creditor, prior to the time the credit is granted, is furnished a copy of the agreement, statement or decree or has actual knowledge of the adverse provision when the obligation to the creditor is incurred.

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