Wire Transfers

Sending Funds From Your PenFed Account to Another Financial Institution

To wire funds from your PenFed account to another financial institution, please contact a Member Service Representative at 800 247-5626. You will need to provide your account number at the other financial institution as well as their ABA routing number. Keep in mind that PenFed charges $25 for a domestic wire transfer and $30 for an international wire transfer. Other fees may apply at the receiving financial institution.


Sending Funds From Another Financial Institution to Your PenFed Account

To wire funds from another financial institution to your PenFed account, please initiate the transaction with your other financial institution. You will need to provide your PenFed account number as well as our ABA routing number 2560-7844-6. PenFed does not charge a fee to receive a wire transfer.



Cut-off times

PenFed may establish cut-off times for the receipt and processing of funds transfer requests, amendments or cancellations. Payment orders, cancellations, or amendments received after the cut-off time may be treated as having been received on the next funds transfer business day.


•  Incoming cutoff: 3:30 central time
•  Outgoing Domestic cutoff: 3:00 central time
•  Outgoing International: 2:30 central time

If you would like to transfer funds to PenFed from another financial institution electronically, you may be able to do so, free of charge, via PenFed Online. Please visit the Transfer via ACH page for complete instructions.

For more information, download the International Wire Transfer Error Resolution and Cancellation Disclosure.


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