Schedule Automatic Payments

Automatically Paying Bills (Auto-Pay)

There are two methods to establish auto-pay:

1) In response to an e-bill (amount and date are automatically selected based on the e-bill)

2) At regular intervals (You select the amount, date, frequency, etc.)

When auto-pay is setup in response to e-bills, the automatic payment will not take effect until receipt of the following e-bill. In the meantime, you should pay the bill manually.

To setup auto-pay:

1) Click the down arrow next to the desired payee.

auto-pay setup step 1

2) Click “Set up auto-pay”

auto-pay setup step 2

3) Select your desired auto-pay method:

auto-pay setup step 3

4) For auto-pay in response to an e-bill: Select the payment amount, date to send the payment, and click “Save auto-pay options”

auto-pay setup step 4

5) For auto-pay at regular intervals: Select the payment amount, frequency, start date, end date, and click “Save auto-pay options”

auto-pay setup step 5

6) Upon completion, you will receive a confirmation notice.

auto-pay setup step 6