Help with E-Bills

Setting up E-Bills

1) Login to PenFed Online and click the “pay bills” tab:

setting up e-bills step 1

2) In the Multi Pay window you will see a “View bill here!” link for any biller that offers e-bills:

setting up e-bills step 2

3) Click the “View bill here!” link. For some bills, you simply need to agree to the biller’s terms and conditions to initiate e-bills:

setting up e-bills step 3

4) In some cases, you may need to enter your biller’s username and password:

setting up e-bills step 4

Some billers may require additional information, such as challenge questions that you may have entered when you established your account with the biller.


When the e-bill is successfully setup, you will see a message like this:

setting up e-bills step 4

The e-bill can take up to 1-2 billing cycles to be confirmed by the biller. In the meantime, you will see “Setting up” next to the e-bill icon.


Once the e-bill is available you will be able to view the entire bill within the Access Bill Pay system. This is an enhancement of our previous bill pay system. You can also schedule automatic payments if you wish.