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Top 10 Smart Home Features Homeowners Love


We often take for granted the conveniences that have come along over recent decades. How did people cook before microwave ovens? How did they watch TV without remote controls? Did people really wash all of those dishes by hand before dishwashers? Those updates can't hold a candle to the potential benefits of a well-designed and integrated smart home.

Imagine an entrance sequence that is programmed to the personal preferences of each of your family members. Imagine home systems that look out for themselves and alert you if something is going wrong. Imagine home security that lets you keep watch over your pets and loved ones no matter where you are. All of this and more is possible with today's smart homes — and the possibilities are only getting more exciting.

1. Climate Control

Program your heat to ramp up to a comfortable level 30 minutes before you get home. Check your AC levels by phone when you're traveling. The ability to control your home's temperature allows you to save money on your utility bills, care for the environment, and maximize your personal comfort level.

2. Home Security

From video footage to monitored home security and home systems, smart home security offers added peace of mind for the whole family. With remote access to your interior and exterior cameras, you'll always know what's going on back home, no matter how far away you roam. Check for fire, carbon monoxide, and flooding so that you and your home are better protected.

3. Home Entertainment

From your party playlist to your favorite film, smart home entertainment makes it easy for you to find the media you love. Stream the big game or a family movie night and use smart speakers to allow everyone to listen in. With smart home entertainment systems, you'll enjoy convenient access to it all.

4. Smart Entrances

You approach your front door juggling mail and groceries, or head out for vacation carrying loads of luggage. With smart doors, you'll be able to open the door with the touch of a button on your phone or a voice command, then lock it uptight when you're through. Lend temporary smart digital keys to visitors or workers for convenience and security. Even let your pets in and out with microchip-activated smart pet doors.

5. Smart Kitchens

We're not quite living in Jetsons territory, but smart kitchens have made tremendous progress. For example, with smart cocktail and coffee makers, you'll enjoy access to automated bartending and barista services. In addition, smart home appliances, both large — like fridges and ovens — and small — like toasters and crockpots — can automate your cooking for more delicious results.

6. Smart Lighting

From smart lighting fixtures to simple and affordable smart light bulbs, you can control light levels, colors, and other features. Arriving home later than usual? Don't stumble into a dark home searching for the light switch. Instead, turn on the lights before you arrive for added safety and a more welcoming entrance.

7. Interactive Environments

With a fully integrated smart home setup, you create a residential environment where all of your home's systems and appliances can communicate seamlessly. For example, use voice commands or a mobile app to control lights, temperature, window shades, and entrances, both while you're in the home and when you're away.

8. Remote Operations

We've all left home for vacation only to experience that sinking feeling of forgetting to turn off the oven or having left the door unlocked. With remote operations from your phone, you can check and make sure that everything is just as it should be — and take care of anything that's not right. This way, you'll never again have to call the neighbors to stop by and check in.

9. System Updating

Doesn't it seem like many home features are practically designed to wear out every year or two? With smart home systems, you'll enjoy the convenience of regular, convenient software updates so that you can take advantage of the latest features as they roll out.

10. Integrated Features

Imagine arriving home after a hard day. With a simple command from your phone, the door unlocks for you, the lights come on, the air conditioner clicks on, and your favorite song is playing. Now that's the kind of welcome that you deserve! With features that can be fully integrated and streamlined, you can create an environment that is custom-made for your preferences. So, whether you're buying a new house or upgrading your current one — make your life easier with these high-tech features.

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