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Top 10 DIY Websites New Homeowners Need to Bookmark

What you'll learn: 10 Sites to visit for DIY content


Buying your first home is so exciting! And it gets even better once you move in. Instead of searching for new homes for sale online, you’ll be hunting for your next do-it-yourself project. We’ve come up with the top DIY home repair and renovation sites. Make sure to bookmark these for your next project. Here’s the entire list, we’ll go into more detail below.

  • Family Handyman
  • Bob Villa
  • This Old House
  • DIY Network
  • Ana White
  • Curbly
  • Young House Love
  • doityourself
  • Better Homes & Gardens
  • Today’s Homeowner

Now let’s find out what each of these sites offers.

1.    Family Handyman

The great thing about this website is that they have easy-to-follow instructions for just about any repair or renovation. Plus, they have a guide specifically for new homeowners. This guide takes you through an entire home room by room and highlights common projects and repairs.

The site is easy to navigate and has projects for all skill levels. Plus, there's DIY University for those homeowners who are serious about doing as much as possible themselves. As you go through the site, you’ll find both interior and exterior projects with directions.

2.    Bob Vila

Who doesn’t love Bob Villa? This hands-on TV host’s website is chock-full of projects and DIY tips. Bob’s been teaching homeowners for over 30-years on TV shows like Bob Vila and This Old House. Before that, he had his own residential design and remodeling business, so he knows what homeowners want.

His site is broken into easy-to-navigate sections covering how-to, get ideas, find info, discuss it, watch tv. The get ideas section has many great ideas, from low-cost fun projects to larger renovations that can transform your home. So, no matter if you prefer to read instructions or watch videos, you’ll find what you need on this website.

3.    This Old House

Another site featuring Bob Vila is This Old House, where you can watch over 40 seasons of episodes. The site has a comprehensive home improvement section broken into categories covering every room of the house, including electrical and HVAC, outdoor projects, pest control, and more.

Whether you have an old house or not, This Old House will become one of your top favorite sites for inspiration and detailed instructions. And for those who love podcasts, you’ll be happy to know there’s also a podcast available.

4.    DIY Network

Although one of the main parts of this website features dozens of DIY TV shows, the How-To section is the most helpful section for new homeowners. Compared to a few of the other sites we covered above, this site has an excellent area called Make & Decorate. Some of the featured topics are crafts, upcycling, entertaining, decorating, headboards, and weddings.

The other sections of How-To cover: rooms and spaces, outdoors, maintenance and repairs, skills, and know-how. The skills and know-how sections go over what tools most homeowners will need and how to use them. The site breaks up instruction by categories like painting, masonry, tile, electrical, and plumbing.

5.    Ana White

Ana’s website is different than any of the ones we’ve talked about so far. This site focuses on affordable wood projects that use four primary tools ­– a sander, drill, brad nailer, and miter saw.  The best way to navigate the site is to go to the Plans tab. There you’ll see images of hundreds of projects. Click on the picture, and you’ll see the step-by-step instructions along with free plans.

You can learn how to make great wooden projects like workbenches, coffee tables, planter boxes, and furniture. The best thing about this site is that’s it’s not overwhelming. It’s easy to start with a simple project, and as you gain experience and confidence, tackle a harder one.

6.    Curbly

If you love hacks – you’ll love Curbly. For example, they have the 100 best IKEA hacks to take inexpensive items and turn them into something fantastic. Some of the most impressive projects involve painting IKEA furniture and transforming a minimalistic piece into something special. These projects work no matter what size home you have, from a small condo to a larger home.

There’s also an excellent section for makeovers. Here you’ll find inexpensive makeovers that only take a weekend, and larger DIY home renovation projects. One of the best things about this website is that homeowners can have fun working on great DIY projects even if they’re on a shoestring budget.

7.    Young House Love 

This website is run by a young couple who have fixed up seven homes. It features over 3,000 DIY home repair projects. The images are crisp and clean and give you a good idea of the quality you’re going for in your end product. One of the most exciting sections of the website is the before and after. Here you’ll find inspiration galore.

There’s also a fun section for DIY and decorating tips, from creating a cozy fire pit to adding storage. Besides the website, the couple also has a podcast. Take a spin around the site, and you’ll get lots of ideas on how to spruce up your new home.

8.    doityourself 

The doityourself site is all about projects broken into specific categories like exterior projects, landscape, room addition, woodworking, bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen. Getting around the site is easy with additional project categories like makeover, remodel, cleaning, etc.

Here’s something different – this site has an active forum. There you can read posts, ask questions, and get answers from other homeowners and professionals. A few sections that stand out are insect and pest control, along with electrical, and lighting, which covers home security and home entertainment.

9.    Better Homes & Gardens

If you grew up with the Better Homes & Gardens magazine, you’d love this website. Here you’ll find entire renovation projects organized room by room with great images. On the home page, you’ll find an “Easy Home Updates” section with informative articles covering weekend projects, kitchen upgrades, and curb appeal. If you’re looking to remodel and add a second-level addition, there are some handy guides worth reading.

You can either use the search box or scroll through the sections like home remodeling, green living, home exterior, decks, and floors on the top of the site. This website is set up like a magazine with a helpful DIY home repair blog.

10. Today’s Homeowner  

As a homeowner, you’ll want to bookmark this site. It gives you information via articles, videos, and podcasts. The home improvement section covers specific areas like bathroom, plumbing and garage storage. In addition to repairs and renovations, you’ll also discover top products to check out.

Besides upgrading, you’ll find solutions to problems like handling concrete cracks, cleaning carpets and hardwood floors. And if you’re looking for outdoor projects, check out laying pavers, deck upkeep, and refreshing the front entry.  

We hope you’ve found these top 10 DIY websites helpful and that you’ll take the time to visit each one and bookmark them. Now that you’re a homeowner you will be proud of any upgrades you do and you’ll also appreciate the fact that you’re building equity.

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