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The 7 Steps to Home Ownership



Understanding what’s involved in a new home purchase from the start can make the entire process much easier.  To assist you in your home buying journey, we’ve created a free downloadable eBook entitled “The 7 Steps to Home Ownership.”

In the eBook, you’ll learn what to do and expect when you’re looking for (or have already found) your dream home.  Here are some of the key things you’ll discover:

  • Prequalified vs. Preapproved — What’s the difference?
  • The document checklist you’ll want to have ready early on
  • Buying in a seller’s or buyer’s market — what’s the difference and how to benefit
  • Tips and tricks in working with a Realtor
  • 5 critical contingencies to look for in a real estate contract
  • What are the fees involved, who pays them, and are they negotiable?
  • Tips on how to negotiate the best price
  • The key to application success
  • Locking in your rate

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