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10 Summer Chores to Keep Your Home in Top Shape


Summer is the perfect time of year for barbeques and sports. And believe it or not, chores. Longer, warmer days enable you to take on large projects that can be difficult in other seasons. Not to mention chores are much more enjoyable in beautiful weather. While you don't have to tackle every task, some will help keep your home in prime condition and allow you to enjoy the season.

1. Freshen up your yard.

Summer is the time of year to tend to your yard or garden. Everything you planted in the spring is in full bloom, and now the name of the game is maintenance. Ensure your landscaping tools and lawnmower are clean and oiled. Also, check your hose and sprinklers for leaks. It's a good idea to keep an eye on the yard as you begin a watering schedule so you can adjust the flow as needed. Standing water from overwatering is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes.

2. Set up outdoor spaces.

Those outdoor patios and porches have been gathering dust all year and need a deep clean to bring them back to life so you and your guests can enjoy them. Wash all outdoor flooring, and consider power washing it if the material can withstand it. At the same time, you can throw furniture covers in the laundry and clean off tables and chairs. If you have a grill, take the time to give it a good scrubbing, making sure to remove all excess residue from the grates. You may also want to consider simple additions like hanging lights and potted plants. These can go a long way toward making your spaces cheerful and inviting.

3. Clean out the garage.

Yes, it's daunting, but summer is the best time to face the stacks of old storage items in your garage. Warm weather often means you can use your driveway to spread out things and reorganize. And summer is the season of garage sales.
Sort what you find into piles of:

  • Keep   
  • Sell
  • Donate
  • Trash

Make sure to label any boxes you're storing, so it's easy to find things in the future. And if you decide to have a garage sale — you're one step ahead.

4. Put up or repair your fence.

Speaking of large projects, this is the perfect opportunity to put up a fence or repair your existing one. Fences are the first thing anybody sees when they come to your home. So it's worth the time to make sure yours is sturdy, functional, and attractive. If you have a fence, think about what you need it to do. You may want it to keep little ones and pets in your yard or block out views from the street. If you already have a fence, do a walking inspection to look out for mold, peeling paint, or broken slats. As is the case with most home chores, cleaning and repairs are key to preventing larger issues down the road.

5. Paint the house.

There's nothing like a new coat of paint to dress up your home, and it can also increase its value. House paint acts as a protective sealant. So besides looking great, it's essential to repaint if you've noticed chips, discoloring, or other damage. A paint job can last 3 to 15 years or more. So whether you hire a professional or do it yourself, you'll want to be sure to use the right paint and tools. That way, you'll get the most out of your investment. For example, UV-protective paints will prevent the color from fading in the sun. Remember — take your time. It's more important to get it right than to get it done quickly.

6. Change and check your filters.

Plan for regular maintenance of your heating and air system (HVAC) — Doing that will save you money and keep your indoor air cleaner. It's wise to check air filters monthly and replace them if necessary.

7. Clean and service your pool, if you have one.

If you have a pool, you're going to want to have it ready to swim in by the first hot day of the season. Make sure to clean the pool itself, clean the filters, maintain the pH or salt levels — whichever you have — and repair any leaks or cracks. 

Some other tasks that come with opening the pool are cleaning the patio or any landscaping surrounding it.

8. Take a look behind your refrigerator.

Another critical item to inspect is behind your refrigerator. The coils and compressor can get dirty and cause your fridge to be less efficient. And while you're at it, clean underneath to remove dust bunnies and debris. Doing this simple task every season can keep this vital appliance running longer.

9. Change batteries and test your alarms for fire and CO2.

It's always a smart idea to change the batteries and test your fire and CO2 alarms each season.

10. Clean patio and sliding doors.

There will probably be a lot of traffic from indoor to outdoor during the summer months. If your doors are sticking or creaking, clean them so access to the patio is quick and easy.

We hope you've found these summer tips helpful and inspirational. And make sure to keep the mortgage professionals at PenFed in mind when you're ready to refinance or buy a new home.

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