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Our mortgage calculator makes it fast and easy to estimate your monthly mortgage payment.  Compare conforming, VA, and Jumbo loan programs to see what's best for you. Your estimated monthly mortgage payment will show both principal and interest. Then when you’re ready to start shopping, you’ll have a good idea of the price range for homes you should be looking at.

While this is a great way to quickly understand an approximate estimate of payments, everyone’s personal financial situation is different. So, if you’d like a more precise estimate of interest rate and payment, based on your situation, you can use our "Get my Rate” tool by supplying some basic financial data.


Start Using the Mortgage Calculator

There are four boxes to fill out on our mortgage calculator.

1.     Price of the Home

Try out different amounts here. You’ll be surprised that sometimes getting a home for $350,000 rather than $325,000 doesn’t make that much difference in your payment. Having that leeway makes shopping easier.

2.     Down Payment

Decide for yourself if it’s better to put down a larger down-payment or save your funds.

3.     Loan Term

Choose between terms of 30, 20, 15, and 10 years. For those wanting to pay off a mortgage in a short period of time, 15-years could be the best option.

4.     Interest Rate

To get an idea of current interest rates, take a look at PenFed’s Products & Rates and have fun calculating!

Check Out Your Loan Options & More Mortgage Calculators

VA Loans

One of the best things about VA loans is that you don’t have to have a down payment. Plus, their rates are some of the lowest. If you’re a current service member, veteran, or surviving spouse — look at VA mortgages first. Here’s our PenFed VA mortgage calculator. Get a more detailed idea of what your total mortgage payment will be with taxes and insurance.

Conforming Fixed

PenFed’s conventional mortgages offer excellent rates, especially for those with good credit. The majority of loans in the US are conventional. These loans finance primary residences, second homes, vacation homes, and investment properties. An important point to know is that occupancy type, credit score, and down-payment amount affect the interest rate. PenFed’s conventional mortgage calculator has the option of including estimated taxes and insurance in your payment. These mortgages follow the conforming loan limits. For 2021 the limits are $548,250 for most of the country and up to $822,375 in high-cost areas.

Jumbo Loans

If you need a mortgage that exceeds the above conforming limits — our jumbo loans are the solution. Compared to VA and conforming, you’ll need better credit and a larger down payment. Our jumbo mortgage calculator gives you all the data you need to see how much your payment will be.

To get a more detailed and customized rate estimate, use “Get my Rate”.

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