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The most popular home styles vary from state to state, depending upon available materials and climate. The types of home styles residents need in hot states like Texas and Arizona may not be what someone living in the colder states of North Dakota or Maine needs. Let’s explore the different types of home styles across the country. 


Who doesn’t love a craftsman? These designs are known for their large front porches with heavy pillars and beams. These beautiful wood homes are examples of craftsmanship and beauty. That carries into the interior with hardwood floors and heavy woodwork. You can find this type of architecture in California, New York, and the Midwest. Although many of these homes are older, some builders are designing new homes in this iconic style. 

Many newer craftsman homes are large and built with wood and stone for an impressive earthly feel. 


The ever-popular ranch homes are most common in California, Ohio, Texas, and North Carolina, although you can find them in almost any location except the big cities. These homes are single-story, making them perfect for all ages. Most have an attached garage in the front of the house. Newer-built ranch-style homes have an open floor plan. The flexibility of the interior floorplan makes the ranch a consistently used design year after year.

Ranch-style homes represent casual and informal living with outdoor areas that accentuate the open design. 


Sometimes called Mediterranean style, Spanish architecture is popular in California – especially in the southern part of the state. This type of architecture is perfect for the mild climate. This design features a stucco exterior with terracotta tiled roofs making these homes a classic. Popular exterior colors are tan, ivory, and peach.  The interior often has high ceilings, tile floors, and curved entries and arches. 

Additional features of a Spanish home are carved doors, beautiful cast ironwork, and open courtyards. 


Palm Springs, California, has the largest concentration of modern homes, where you can expect luxurious estates with impressive windows and high ceilings. Additionally, you may be surprised, but Illinois and Indiana have a high concentration of modern homes, many following the lines of the ranch. Most homes are single-story with clean lines. The interiors have open floor plans. Newly-built modern homes use green building materials. 

The open and modern floorplan is flexible in size so that it can fit into almost any budget.


If you love Victorian homes – visit Louisville, Kentucky. This city has the most restored Victorians in the entire country. From classic whites to vibrantly painted ladies, you’ll see every paint palette. Georgia is another state that has this elaborate design. All feature an impressive covered front porch, lots of intricate woodwork, and paned windows. Inside, many have hardwood floors, fireplaces, and built-in cabinets and bookcases. You won’t find this type of wood-built homes in tropical states like Florida.  

The Victorian ­– almost more than any other style home can express an owner's creativeness through the chosen exterior paint colors. 

Building Materials

The above designs are some of the most recognized and loved styles across the country. Innovative builders combine styles and materials to create a custom design to fit the homeowners. Although many homes are still built with wood, in humid states like Florida – concrete block homes are prevalent. West Virginia is the state with the most brick homes. 

Eco-friendly and green materials are becoming more popular, although budget is always top of mind. 

Gated Communities

You’ll find that gated communities focus on a specific home style. For example, in California and Arizona communities, you’ll find Spanish and ranch inspired homes. Some of the high-end neighborhoods in Washington state feature craftsman architecture with impressive wood and stone exteriors. Luxurycommunities in Texas adorn the exterior of homes with bricks and stone. 

If you’re interested in gated communities, visit several around the areas you’re considering and view the designs from the various builders. 

Older Homes

If you love older homes but don’t want the hassles of a fixer, look for a community with newer homes in the styles you love. For example, some builders specialize in designing Victorian and craftsman-inspired homes. 

Changing Your Design

If you like your current home but don’t love the exterior, that could be a home improvement worth making. Rather than moving, consult with an experienced local builder to see what different type of home styles could refresh and modernize the exterior of your home. A new porch, updated windows, and modern siding can completely change the look and add curb appeal your neighbors will envy. 

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