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Best Small Towns in America to Move To


Small town America has never been more popular. Whether you're tired of the big city and looking for the best small towns in America to move to, raise a family, or retire in — read on to see our top picks for towns with a population of less than 50,000.

And we're not just reviewing the cheapest small towns to live in. The town has to be both affordable and livable. That's why the towns we selected have a median home price under the U.S. average of $340,000 as of January 2021. The areas we focused on were New England, Colorado, Northern California, and South Carolina.

Small Affordable New England Towns

New England covers the states of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. It's one of our country's most beautiful areas with its distinct four seasons and vibrant, colorful foliage. If you love history, you'll find it in New England. And there's something for everyone whether you're single and wanting to go to college, have a growing family, or are retired. If you love good food, local sports, mountains, and the seaside ­—this area of the country may be ideal for you. Consider these highly livable New England small affordable towns.

Gorham, New Hampshire

  • Population = 2,625
  • Median home price = $149,900

Machias, Maine

  • Population = 1,136
  • Median home price = $178,189

Westfield, Massachusetts

  • Population = 41,449
  • Median home price = $249,900

Groton, Connecticut

  • Population = 38,825
  • Median home price = $249,900

Middlebury, Vermont

  • Population = 8,661
  • Median home price = $280,000

Easthampton Town, Massachusetts

  • Population = 16,000
  • Median home price = $295,474

Affordable Small Towns in Colorado

Colorado has some of the best affordable small towns to live in if outdoor activities are important to you. With 300 days of the year being sunny, you won't feel cooped up in your house waiting for sunshine. Spring brings blooming pansies, daffodils, and tulips. Summertime offers blue skies, amazing sunsets, and the best time for camping and hiking. Fall leaves show the changing seasons and bring the delight of crackling leaves under your feet. And winter ski slopes are some of the best in the world. If you're looking for small towns in the great outdoors, check out our choices.

Log Lane Village

  • Population = 1,217
  • Median home price = $96,200


  • Population = 7,564
  • Median home price = $99,400

Battlement Mesa

  • Population = 5,116
  • Median home price = $183,800


  • Population = 3,479
  • Median home price = $191,800

Fort Lupton

  • Population = 8,133
  • Median home price = $240,500

Affordable Small Towns in Northern California

Northern California covers a huge part of the state from Fresno through San Jose, Sacramento, and up to the top of the state. Affordable small towns in California, along with employment opportunities, hardly ever go together.

And finding a town with home prices under the national average of $340,000 was a challenge. Some of these towns are tiny. Columbia, for example, is an old gold miners' town. If you're looking to move to any of these locations, have your income set up first. A well-paying telecommuting job can be a great option. The scenery is beautiful, with lots of trees, hills, lakes, and rivers — a real paradise. Here are the tiny towns we found.


  • Population = 5,935
  • Median home price = $255,264


  • Population = 2,770
  • Median home price = $322,168


  • Population = 1,913
  • Median home price = $194,215


  • Population = 2,195
  • Median home price = $287,113


  • Population = 3,241
  • Median home price = $263,163

Most Affordable Small Towns in South Carolina

South Carolina has some of the most affordable small towns to retire in as compared to other states. And it's not just the low cost of living that's attractive. Residents enjoy four seasons, beautiful beaches with amazing sunsets, lots of festivals, and local produce all year. And don't forget about the friendly people. If you're looking to move to one of the most affordable places to live where there's plenty to do, consider South Carolina. Here are our top picks.

Due West

  • Population = 1,321
  • Median home price = $184,700


  • Population = 24,723
  • Median home price = $235,000


  • Population = 4,086
  • Median home price = $237,450


  • Population = 20,183
  • Median home price = $263,360


  • Population = 20,710
  • Median home price = $277,809

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