McGraw-Hill Federal Credit Union

Starting May 1st create your Online Account.


Apply before becoming a member.

After your application, we’ll help you:

1. Discover you’re eligible to become a PenFed member

2. Open a Savings/Share Account and deposit at least $5

Where can I find my PenFed Member Number?


See what you need to know about your account starting May 1st:

direct deposits

Direct deposits and automatic transfers will go into your PenFed account(s)

set up transfers

In order to set up future transfers between institutions PenFed's routing number is: 2560-7844-6

use your new checking account

Begin using your Access America Checking checking, debit card, or ATM card with PIN.


When will the merger with PenFed Credit Union be completed?

Why are you doing this merger?

Will the McGraw-Hill FCU branches remain open?

Will my accounts stay the same?

What if I already have accounts with PenFed?

Will my history be available? Can I access my pre-merger statements?

Will I receive new checks at PenFed's cost or can I use my old checks? Will I receive new checks for each checking account I have?

Will I have to reenter my Bill Pay information?

Will my overdraft protection still be available?

Do I have to change my direct deposit and allotment?

Will my internal transfers remain, or do I need to set them up again?

When will my McGraw-Hill FCU credit card convert to PenFed?

Will PenFed honor my McGraw-Hill FCU loan and Certificate rates and terms?

Will my McGraw-Hill FCU Mortgage or Equity Loan be converted to PenFed?

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