Take Advantage Of A Car Buying Service When Researching And Purchasing Your Next Vehicle

Posted May 16 2018
by PenFed Your Money
Take Advantage Of A Car Buying Service When Researching And Purchasing Your Next Vehicle - PenFed Your Money TrueCar FCA

Research and shopping for a car can be a time consuming. Once you've researched makes and models to find the vehicle that suits your needs, you have to scour the web or trek out to the nearest dealership to find exact the car you want. If you're buying used, you need to look into the vehicle's history and have a mechanic check it out. You have to get financing, preferably from your financial institution like your credit union.  And after all of that, you have to haggle for the best price — usually while the car salesman tries to upsell you on unnecessary extras or pricy warranties.

That's a lot of time and energy spent when all you really want is a fair price on a new vehicle that's safe, reliable, and comfortable.

Fortunately, there's another way to buy a vehicle. Using a car buying service makes both browsing and buying a snap, because you let the service do all of the hard work for you. With a good car-buying service, you start with an idea of what you want, and the service tracks down vehicles and finds the best deal. You don't have to deal with high-pressure sales tactics or handle the haggling. All you have to do is decide you want to buy a car.

With the PenFed Car Buying Service, powered by TrueCar, we take the stress out of car buying. We'll help you find the right car, get a good deal on it, and lock in a great rate on an auto loan, all without any hassle.

To get started, just load up the Car Buying Service web page — and from there, you don't have to do much more than point and click your way to the perfect vehicle. If you're shopping for a new car, select a make, model and trim level and we'll tell you what other users of our Car Buying Service have paid for similar vehicles. From there, we'll track down matching vehicles at trusted local dealerships. For used vehicles, we'll send you directly to a list of what's available from dealers in your area and give you a free CARFAX history report so you know exactly where those used cars have been.

On average, shoppers save $3,383 off the MSRP of new or used vehicles vehicles, no haggling required. And that isn't the end of the savings: in some cases we can offer even better deals, with PenFed Member FCA discounts from $500 to $5,500 off. To qualify, all you have to do is pick a select model from Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep, Mercedes-Benz or Ram. (And if you were already considering one of these models, why not get an even bigger discount by buying from us?)

Once you've brought your new (or new to you) car home, you'll get up to $1,000 worth of buyer's bonuses: reimbursement for your auto deductible (up to $500 twice a year) if you're in an accident, and easy access to mechanics by phone so you can get an expert opinion whenever you have a car problem. That gives you serious peace of mind that your new vehicle will stay in new condition for as long as possible.

That's a lot of benefits — and a lot of savings — for very little work.

Beyond saving on the vehicle itself, you'll save on your car loan, too. That's because users of our Car Buying Service are eligible for reduced rates on auto loans through PenFed. Rates for new cars start at as low as % APR for up to 36 months, while rates for used cars start as low as % APR for up to 36 months. Locking in a low interest rate can save you a lot over the life of your loan, which will make it easier to afford the car you want.

Sure, you could spend the time to scour every car lot in town searching for the perfect vehicle and then haggling the sales staff down to a reasonable price. But why bother when you can get a great buy on a new or used vehicle with the PenFed Car Buying Service? Skip wasting your time shopping: our shopping service will find fantastic deals with minimal effort on your part.

Why wait? Start looking for your perfect car right now with PenFed.


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