Plan Together for Hurricane Preparedness

Posted September 11 2018
by PenFed Your Money
Plan Together for Hurricane Preparedness - PenFed Your Money Blog

Hurricane Preparedness

September is hurricane season and it’s time to prepare for safety. Take steps now to protect yourself, your pets and your loved ones and to safeguard your health and finances before, during and after a storm.

The single most important thing you can do before a hurricane is to monitor local radio or TV stations for weather updates and emergency instructions specific to your area. Download the FEMA app to get official alerts and information for up to five locations within the United States.

Protect your physical safety and needs by securing water and other emergency supplies. Plan how you’ll manage transportation, get power and communicate with family and emergency assistance during and after the storm.

Make evacuation plans and know what to do if your area is evacuated. Gas up your car and visit the ATM to get some cash.

Stock up on supplies, toys and other necessities for children, including formula, diapers and toys.

Stock up on pet food and water, and use a site like PetsWelcome to find out where you can go with your pet during and after the storm.

Gather important medications and documents (personal identification and financial documents, healthcare and personal contact information) and put them in water-tight plastic bags that are easy to carry with you.

Check in on loved ones and neighbors. Social media and text messaging can often be more reliable when phone reception is down or limited.

Storm preparation checklist’s hurricane preparedness page gives you a reliable, at-a-glance reference page for steps you should take to prepare before the hurricane’s arrival.

Prepare ahead of time:

·      Priority preparations such as finding out where to seek shelter, protecting documents and personal property, and staying up to date on local evacuation status and routes.

·      36 hours ahead of the storm: stock up on food and emergency supplies, get in touch with family members and prepare your vehicle for potential evacuation.

·      18 to 36 hours ahead of the storm: secure belongings outside your home from storm damage and cover the windows of your home.

·      6 to 18 hours ahead of the storm: follow local TV or radio for weather updates and emergency instructions.

·      6 hours ahead of the storm: take shelter in a safe location.

·      During the storm: stay safe if an evacuation becomes necessary.

·      After the storm: follow safe clean-up procedures, document property damage and get help.

Visit for all the details.

Make a strong recovery

If the worst does happen and the hurricane damages your home, document property damage with photographs and contact your insurance company for assistance. Dream Makers provides matching grants for assistance with down payments and closing costs for active duty, reserve, National Guard and veterans who have lost their homes through disaster.

You may also be eligible for an interest-free micro loan from the PenFed Foundation. Asset Recovery Kit Loans provide a no-interest alternative to predatory lending for active duty, reserve and National Guard military personnel. Borrow up to $500 with a flat fee of $5 and no interest for one month.

When emergencies strike, being prepared is your best line of defense. Rely on yourself. Rely on each other. Rely on PenFed—we’re just one click or call away.

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