Home for the Holidays: Beyond Holiday Decorating

Posted December 16 2016
by PenFed Team
Girl in a house decorated for winter holidays

Getting your home ready for the holidays isn’t only about hanging evergreen wreaths and stringing the rooftops with holiday lights. It’s also about getting your home ready to host family and guests. If welcoming your friends and family into your home for the holidays this season has challenged your space and your patience, it’s time to start planning room redesigns and home renovations that make it easier to be a gracious host.

Give Guests a Warm Welcome

A versatile guest room. Younger guests won’t mind sleeping on the couch or even in sleeping bags on the floor, but they’ll be more comfortable and enjoy their stay more if they can get a good night’s sleep in a bed. If your guest room also serves as an office, craft room, or exercise space, consider adding a traditional sleeper sofa or a hip, sleeper futon couch that you can fold up and out of the way once guests have gone home. Think out of the box to utilize every bit of space; a large closet could become a cozy bunk nook for the grandkids.

Get away from it all. If your relatives visit regularly and stay for longer stretches of time, you might all be more comfortable with a detached guest house. Family guests or in-law quarters are celebrated for helping families maintain privacy and peace.

Pet-friendly hosting. The chaos of a houseful of relatives can be tough on furry friends, both your own and those of your guests. Your pets may be overwhelmed by the presence of strangers and children in their home, and youngsters may not understand the importance of keeping doors securely closed so pets cannot escape. Guests who bring pets along will appreciate a place to let their animals retreat. Consider the role of pet gates, exercise pens and crates inside the house, and provide secure areas outdoors for pets to relieve themselves.

A kitchen that works hard. The quaint galley kitchen that normally accommodates your small family’s day-to-day routine can oftentimes start to feel like a black hole under the weight of a bustling holiday crowd. A kitchen update gives you the space you need to pull off hosting guests with aplomb. It’s also a great time to consider a second oven or divided unit to handle big holiday meals.

The heart of the home. Speaking of the kitchen, we all know that’s where everybody inevitably ends up hanging out. Make sure your kitchen has room for everyone around a giant island or a roomy bar, or open up the floor plan so you can interact with everyone nearby.

Bathroom convenience. If you entertain frequently, it only makes sense to add a powder room so guests don’t have to slog upstairs or through your private rooms to use the bathroom. Do you host elderly guests? If so, details like hand rails by the toilet and shower seats in the shower make routine needs easier.

Accessibility. Invite relatives with accessibility needs in via wider doorways and ramps that ease them past concrete stairs and uneven walkways. For your elderly guests who stay for longer periods of time, you might even consider carving out space for a guest room addition specially customized for their accessibility needs.

More parking. A circular driveway provides more space for guest parking if you live on a crowded street.

Affordable Renovations

Reinvesting in your home’s value with a renovation project might be just the thing so you’ll be ready to host holiday and family social events throughout year.

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