Clean Up On Fall Lawn Care Equipment

Posted October 06 2017
by PenFed Your Money
Clean Up On Fall Lawn Care Equipment - PenFed Your Money Blog

It’s almost time to reclaim your weekends from the sweaty toil of pushing a rattling lawnmower under the blazing sun. But don’t simply stop mowing and call the growing season done. A last burst of cleanup and preparation will get your yard ready to ride out the winter and come back healthier than ever next year.

If you cringe at the thought of another fall struggling to clear brush or raking and bagging leaves by hand, maybe it’s time to invest in the tools you need. The right tools make things easier on you and easier to get the job done right. Why not make this year the year you get the lawn care equipment you’ve been putting off buying for so long?

Tools worth buying

Large-scale cleanup is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of autumn yard care. These tasks call for powerful, specialized equipment and tools: leaf blowers, chainsaws, mulching mowers and sturdy loppers and pruners.

Mulching mower Trim down the task of raking and bagging leaves by investing in a mulching lawnmower. Self-propelled power mowers do a more effective job of mulching leaves than push mowers. The good news is that many home improvement and garden stores put their mowers on sale at this time of the year.

Leaf blower Raking and bagging leaves may not be feasible if your yard is heavily treed, but there’s a middle way between slaving over a rake and hiring the job out. A leaf blower makes it easier to loosen and corral leaves for cleanup. Gas models are more powerful than corded electric models, and you’re unlikely to be satisfied with a plug-in model if you have a very large yard. Don’t forget hearing protection.

You may also want to invest in a snowblower if your area is particular prone to harsh winters. That will save wear and tear on your back and free up time for snowball fights and sled racing.

Chainsaw Remember that one branch you hacked and sawed at for what seemed like hours of getting jabbed in the face by twigs last year? Even if you don’t have many trees, a chainsaw makes short work of removing dead branches and brush. Electric- and battery-powered models don’t provide the power and efficiency of a gas-powered model.

Log splitters Love a crackling fireplace but sick of splitting logs? Consider investing in a log splitter. Splitters are rated according to tonnage, measured by the pressure they apply to split the logs apart. Harder woods like oak and greener woods require more force, so go shopping armed with an idea of the type and size of wood you’ll be splitting.

Wood chippers Turn your annual yard cleanup into mulch by running branches and waste through a wood chipper. An electric chipper that plugs into an outdoor household outlet can handle small branches up to about an inch and a half in diameter. For anything larger, you’ll want a gas-powered model.

Loppers and pruners Don’t waste a brilliant fall day hacking and sawing away at brush with the wrong tools. Loppers and pruners make short work of trimming bushes and shrubs.

The basics Fall is often a great time to find good deals on gardening basics like gloves, trowels and shovel.

Power in your hand

Heavy power tools for fall lawn cleanup should be assembled and used with respect. These tools use significant force to chew up branches and brush. With today’s plug-and-play habits, it can be tempting to plug in rev up your new tools without reading through the assembly information. Spend some time reviewing the owner’s manual to avoid nasty surprises.

Dress for safety. Wear long pants, glasses or goggles and boots or close-toed shoes. Don’t do lawn work wearing dangling jewelry or scarves.

Whenever you’re using power equipment, keep an eye out for pets and kids that may wander onto the scene when you least expect it.

Fall into a great deal

Fall is a great time to clean up on savings for lawn equipment. And even if you hadn’t planned to spend money on lawn equipment this season, your PenFed Power Cash Rewards Card puts money back in your pocket every time you use it. You get 1.5% cash back on every purchase — and you can bump that to 2% cash back through the Honors Advantage Program if you have a PenFed Access America Checking Account or qualify with military service. That’s a great way to clean up on autumn lawn cleanup gear. Apply online now. 


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