Apps for Managing Your Credit Cards

Posted October 12 2016
by PenFed Team
woman using smartphone

Credit cards are supposed to make shopping simple and convenient, but it’s all too easy to find yourself submerged under bills, payment schedules, and budgets. Pulling a card out of your wallet turns into a monthly struggle to pull money out of your hat.

Take control with money management apps that keep you on budget, on time, and on target.

Make credit card payments on time

Make sure your credit card payments are paid on time, every single month, with the use of an app. The good news is in today’s digital world—getting those payments in on time is pretty easy to do since there is a variety of online and mobile app bill payment and personal finance management services readily available to choose from. These savvy app services can help you master your finances and keep your credit card spending on budget by tracking how and when you spend money.

Long gone are the days of tending to your many, many piles of paper statements: making mental notes as to when each bill payment is due, panicking about not having enough stamps on hand, jetting off across town to the nearest post office to buy stamps and mail your payment—all the while fretting over whether your payment will arrive on time at some remote payment center, hundreds of miles away. Phew. Remember those days? Good riddance!

Keep recordkeeping on target

Are you ready to up your organizational game even more? Once again, go digital and scrap all those loose piles of paper receipts by scanning in receipts and organizing them with Evernote or Microsoft’s OneNote. You’ll be glad to get rid of all those little slips of paper once and for all!

Get a digital wallet on your phone

Skip carrying your cards entirely by using your smartphone as a digital wallet. Digital wallets let you digitize your credit cards on your smartphone or mobile device and then use the device to pay at the checkout counter. You get a safe and simple mobile payment system without having to carry your credit cards with you.

Digital wallets let you pay for purchases by touching, tapping, or hovering your phone or mobile device over the payment terminal, instead of swiping your actual credit card. PenFed supports three major digital wallet services: Apple Pay™Android Pay™ and Samsung Pay™. Not all financial institutions or merchants support digital wallet technology yet, but most newer smartphones support one of these systems.

Your credit card information remains safe and secure through a system called tokenization, which stores a token representing your card rather than your actual card information. When you make a payment at a store or in an app, the digital wallet doesn’t send your actual credit or debit card number with your payment. The only information actually exchanged is the token. Your credit card issuer recognizes which token represents your card, but the token by itself is useless to thieves or hackers.

Go mobile with the PenFed Mobile app

Your mobile banking app makes yet another way to manage your credit cards and keep your information secure. When you’re traveling, minimize the chance that your credit card might be flagged or blocked for unusual activity by sending your bank a travel notification. At PenFed, you can do that straight from your mobile app.

Keep track of your card activity on a day-to-day basis with security text alerts sent straight to your smartphone. With PenFed card security text alerts, if we spot any unusual transaction activity on your accounts, we’ll send you a text message within minutes asking you to verify the transaction.

Enjoy these advantages now by simplifying and securing your finances. Download the PenFed mobile app, and choose a PenFed credit card that fits your finances and lifestyle.

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