Account Alerts and Other Ways to Watch Your Finances During Summer Travel

Posted August 12 2016
by PenFed Team
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Sweating over bills or rejected credit card transactions is the kind of heat you don’t want during your summer vacation. Instead, keep your financial cool with tools and services that let you enjoy time away with no cares.

Text Alerts

It’s all too easy for your wallet to slip out of your bag at the beach or for your credit card to be exposed to thieves when you’re dining out for every vacation meal. But you’ll be the first to know something’s amiss when you’re set up for text alerts for your checking and savings accounts and credit cards.

PenFed’s card security text alerts help you immediately spot unusual activity. Within minutes of PenFed detecting a suspicious transaction on your accounts, you’ll receive a text message or prerecorded voice call asking you to verify the transaction. Reply to validate the transaction or alert PenFed that the transaction was unauthorized.

Text alerts are a smart way to protect your accounts whether you’re on vacation or at home. They’re available on all credit and debit card products, and registration is easy.

Online Banking

You’re never out of the loop when you bring your banking along with. Online banking lets you bank from the convenience of your smartphone or other mobile device. You get 24/7 access wherever you go. With PenFed in your pocket, you’ll be able to manage your money quickly and easily and then get back to your vacation.

Bill Pay

What if your bills will be coming due while you’re on vacation? With Bill Pay, you can set up payments before you leave. Your payments will get sent at the right time even while your toes are in the sand and the surf. You can even set up automatic recurring payments. Enroll for Bill Pay to get started.

More Travel-Worthy Benefits

The above mentioned PenFed account features are not the only benefits that help keep your finances secure and simple when you’re enjoying a summer vacation. When you have a PenFed checking and savings account, you’ll get identity theft protection from Equifax, 56,000 free ATMs, mobile check deposits and 24/7 access. Prepare for your vacation now by setting up text alerts, bill pay and more before you leave.

And have a great vacation!


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