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Welcome to the official Blog for PenFed. We’re glad you stopped by.

The PenFed Blog exists to provide our readers a glimpse of our new products, events, financial tips, and information to help you build a bright financial future.

Whether you’re a proud PenFed member or someone looking for more information before making a decision to join, our hope is that you learn more about PenFed through our official blog.

Our goal is to help you meet your financial needs; so, please feel free to email us your questions or topics that you would like to hear more about.

Our Mission

Provide superior financial services, responsive to members’ needs in a cost effective manner.

Guidelines for Commenting on this Blog:

While we always plan to keep this as an open forum, we want to make sure that our Blog remains a fun family-friendly environment. Please always use appropriate language when making a comment. By submitting any content you grant PenFed the right to repurpose your content in any and all PenFed or affiliate websites, including social media channels, print and other media, including your likeliness (your profile photograph/picture), without payment or any other consideration. Please take a few moments to review your content before you make a comment. All comments will be monitored and any items that do not comply with the following standards will be removed.

  • Any content that encourages or suggest illegal activity is not permitted.
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  • Participation on PenFed’s Blog is done at your own risk; therefore, you are taking personal responsibility for your posts or comments, your username and any information you provide.
  • Please remember PenFed’s Blog is a public forum. Do not post any sensitive personal or financial information at any time.
  • PenFed will not comment in a public forum details about a member’s account or specific circumstances. We recommend that members contact us at penfed.org/forms/support/help.aspx to have such situations resolved.
  • Please note: the appearance of external links on this site does not constitute official endorsement by PenFed.
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