Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for PenFed Online?
Make sure you have your member number or social security number available and click this link, then "I need help logging in," then "Register for online banking" to get started.

When will I be able to activate my new PenFed credit card?
Beginning Sunday, April 26th by calling the activation number on the front of the new PenFed credit card.

Will my credit card number stay the same?
No. A new credit card was mailed to you in early April. Your new credit card has a new account number and expiration date.

Do I need to establish a membership to use my new PenFed Credit Card?
No. PenFed established membership for you. We sent you a new member kit in early April.

What if I already have a membership and accounts with PenFed?
Your new credit card account will automatically be linked to your existing member number.

Will PenFed honor my First Bankcard balance transfer promotional rate and terms?
Yes. All existing promotional rates and terms will be honored and transferred.

What is my APR and fees?
PenFed mailed you a Change in Terms notice in late March detailing your new rates and fees.

Do I have to change my credit card auto payment information with my bank or service provider?
Yes. If you have an automatic payment established through a bill pay provider or your primary financial institution, you will need to update the credit card account number and payee as soon as possible.

· The PenFed Routing Number is 256078446

· Your account number is the 16-digit number on the front of your card

You can also establish automatic payments in PenFed Online to pull your payment from an outside financial institution.

Will my accounts at First Bankcard remain open?
PenFed purchased a specific credit card portfolio from First Bankcard and this credit card account converted to PenFed.
Any other accounts you have with them were not part of the acquisition and you need to contact First Bankcard for guidance.

What do I do if I didn’t get my card?
Please contact PenFed Member Service to report your card as lost so that a new card can be issued.

Will my credit score be impacted?
First Bankcard will update your account as transferred or sold.
The credit bureaus recognize the linkage between the sold and new account at PenFed, and accounts will retain their original open date. PenFed will begin reporting accounts to credit bureaus in May.

Will my transaction history be available?
Yes, transaction history and related account information will transfer and be available for your review. Please log on to and/or download PenFed’s mobile app today.

Will my rewards points transfer?
Yes. Your rewards points will auto-transfer to your new PenFed credit card account. Log on to, then go to your credit card account and select the Rewards option to view and redeem.

Will I have to reenter my credit card information for account on file, recurring, rideshare, streaming services, bill pay, etc.
While your new credit cards account number and expiration date will be updated at most major billers, not all companies participate in the account update service. It is highly recommended that you validate the billing information at your recurring billers to ensure the information is up-to-date.

When will my First Bankcard credit card stop working?
At 10:00pm CT on Monday, April 27th. All transactions and pending authorizations will automatically transfer over to PenFed. Once that takes place, you must begin using your PenFed credit card.

I understand PenFed charges a $1.00 a month to mail paper credit cards statements?
That is correct. However, PenFed will waive the paper statement fee for 60 days to allow you time to sign up for e-statement delivery. Starting in August 2020, PenFed will begin to assess the $1.00 paper statement fee.
To avoid a $1 statement fee, please enroll to receive e-statements for no additional charge. Sign up for e-statements today! Log on to PenFed Online and locate the Go Paperless! action on the right side of the tool bar.

How do I obtain a copy of a previous month credit card statement?
PenFed will not receive PDF images of historical statements. To obtain a copy of a dated statement, please contact PenFed with the statement information (month and year) you need. We will retrieve and mail to the address on file.