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About the Book

Family Inc. is not just a personal finance book; it is a “how to” guide for achieving financial security. By borrowing time tested principles used in business and applying them to family financial planning, Family Inc. provides a powerful framework for navigating all of life’s big financial decisions. You will learn how to think strategically as the Family Chief Financial Officer; how to make investments in education and yourself to benefit your career; how to manage your hard earned money to make it work for you; how to use financial products like insurance, investments and debt; how to think like an entrepreneur; how to achieve peace of mind in retirement and how to teach your family these important life skills.

As a former Army officer, Doug knows firsthand that military service presents unique challenges related to major financial decisions such as insurance, career transition, investing, home ownership and retirement. Armed with the lessons provided in Family Inc. you will possess the skills and confidence to navigate these challenges with a holistic financial plan customized for your unique circumstances.

Family Inc. and the authors work supporting veterans has been featured by major media outlets to include The NY Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, TIME, PBS, Stars & Stripes, Home and Family Finance Radio, and The Motley Fool.

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“If you are going to read ONE personal finance book, this should be it…Family Inc. is a great personal finance book. More important it is a guide to personal empowerment.” 

Anthony Noto
CFO, Twitter Inc.

“Stated succinctly, Family Inc. is one of the best books on family/personal finance I have read—and I have read many…the personal examples keep it real and engaging.” 

James Schenck
CEO, PenFed Credit Union

Family Inc. is not a ‘how to’ book—it is a ‘how to think’ book that empowers the reader to take control of their family’s finances.” 

Brigadier General Mike Meese
USA retired and COO, American Armed Forces Mutual Aid Association


Author Douglas P McCormick

Douglas P. McCormick has a lifetime of experiences that provide the foundation for the framework, principles and tools in Family Inc. As a professional investor for two decades, he has managed money for institutional clients to partner with families and entrepreneurs to build and grow their businesses to create long-term value. The lessons in Family Inc. reflect his own journey to achieving financial independence which began at age seven, when his Dad helped him purchase AT&T stock. During his professional career, he has been an active duty Army officer, a Harvard Business School graduate, an investment banker, a private equity investor and finally entrepreneur and co-founder of HCI Equity. He is an advocate for the veteran community, is Chairman of Bunker Labs and serves on the board of Team Red White and Blue.

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