Direct Deposit Instructions

Follow these steps for establishing Direct Deposit your net pay, retirement pay, tax refund, or other such recurring deposit to any Pentagon Federal Account.

You can now download the Direct Deposit PDF form. Please read important disclosure information here before establishing Direct Deposit.

If you are not currently a PenFed member or you want your Direct Deposit to go to a new account, use the secure online member application or download the PDF, complete the appropriate section(s), sign at the bottom, and return it to PenFed.


You will be notified of your new Depositor account number.


If you have not received your new account number with two weeks, please call 1-800-247-5626.

Print out this page and write your Depositor number at the Depositor Account Number field below, detach the section below the line, and take it to your payroll office, financial institution, or other office responsible for establishing Direct Deposit of your desired funds.

Please follow whatever procedures are required by that office, using the information printed below.

Pentagon Federal Credit Union
Box 1432
Alexandria, Virginia 22313-2032

Routing Number: 2560-7844-6

Depositor Account Number: