Bill Pay Premium

Bill Pay Premium 


Pentagon Federal Credit Union's Premium Online Bill Payment System. 

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To ENROLL, Log-in to PenFed Online in the login box at the top-right of this page and click the Premium - ClickPay link in the Bill Payment area.


Do you wish you could make paying your bills less of a hassle? Remember your panic when you were far from home and remembered that a bill was due? Now you can leave those worries behind and use Bill Pay Premium (ClickPay), Pentagon Federal Credit Union's Premium online bill payment service.


Bill Pay Premium (ClickPay) makes bill paying easy and secure 

  • Internet-based: pay bills from any computer with a browser and Internet connection, from anywhere in the world
  • Pay any U.S. biller: use Bill Pay Premium (ClickPay) to pay your monthly mortgage, utilities, credit cards, local merchants, even friends
  • Comprehensive payee list: you can select your own payees plus there are predefined payees (like major utilities) that you can select with a click
  • Categorize payments: you can set up payees in payment categories to track your expenses when you use Bill Pay Premium (ClickPay) in conjunction with personal financial management software
  • Account reconciliation: download your Bill Pay Premium (ClickPay) data as Intuit Quicken files to keep your accounts up to date
  • Pay bills automatically: set up recurring payments, like your mortgage and car loans, to be automatically made from your account -- save time each month and never be late with a payment again
  • Low-cost service: Add Bill Pay Premium (ClickPay) to your Complete Access checking account for only $5.00 per month. If you mail more than 13 checks per month, this service pays for itself in postage costs alone!
  • 24/7 online service: pay bills when it's convenient for you at any time of day
  • Easy enrollment: it takes just a few minutes to enroll in Bill Pay Premium (ClickPay). Then within a few days you'll receive a confirmation letter in the mail with all the pertinent information you need to get started.
  • High-tech security: 128-bit strength browser encryption ensures your information remains confidential
  • Online help: extensive information on how to use Bill Pay Premium (ClickPay), as well as solutions to common user problems
  • Online support: get solutions to any problems you encounter by using our secure online PenFed Help  
  • Phone support: get top-notch member service for Bill Pay Premium (ClickPay) by calling us toll-free at:


Try Bill Pay Premium (ClickPay) today! Just log-in to PenFed Online (above right, anywhere you are on and click the "Premium - ClickPay" link in the Bill Payment area. You'll discover the ease and convenience of paying your bills online in almost no time.


*For security purposes you must use a 128-bit encryption browser to access Bill Pay Premium. 


Click here for Bill Pay Premium (ClickPay) Terms and Conditions