Variable Loan Disclosures

When the amortization is longer than 12 years, the loan will result in a balloon payment. Financing from 70% - 85% of purchase price (new) or NADA average value (used). 
Collateral cannot be more than 5 model years old.

‡ These are variable rate loans and the interest rate may increase after consummation of the loan.

Fixed New Loan Disclosures

New Fixed Rate RV/Travel Trailer Loans can be financed for up to 90% of the actual purchase price.

Fixed Used Loan Disclosures

Loan Amount may not exceed 75% of NADA average value. Collateral cannot be more than 5 model years old.

Loan amounts based on NADA average value. If refinancing a Pentagon Federal Credit Union RV/Travel Trailer loan, you must apply for an additional $5,000. Ask for details. Other conditions apply.

New Recreational Vehicle Loan example: $10,000 at 6.15% APR; 60 monthly payments of approximately $194.03 each.

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