Variable Loan Disclosures 

When the amortization is longer than 12 years, the loan will result in a balloon payment. Financing from 70% - 85% of MSRP (new) or NADA average value (used).

Prime is % as of and may change daily.

‡ These are variable rate loans and the interest rate may increase after consummation of the loan.


Fixed New Loan Disclosures 

New Fixed Rate Boat Loans can be financed for up to 90% of the actual MSRP.


Fixed Used Loan Disclosures 

Loan Amount will be financed up to NADA average value.

Used boat loan amounts based on NADA average value. If refinancing a Pentagon Federal Credit Union boat loan, you must apply for an additional $5,000. Ask for details. Other conditions apply.

New Boat Loan example: $10,000 at 6.15% APR; 60 monthly payments of approximately $194.03 each.

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