Check / Credit Card Fraud Protection

Preventing Fraud

For Your Security


If you lose your card, or card is stolen, have unauthorized charges, or if you suspect information about your account number has been compromised please call:

  • 1-800-556-LOST (5678) within the U.S
  • 402-399-3600 Collect from Overseas 


PenFed Card Security may try to reach you by phone to verify transactions. If we are not able to reach you a message may be left requesting you to call:


An investigator will never ask you for your member number or account number. However, an investigator may ask you to verify one or more questions in order to verify your identity.

American Express: 

  • American Express, PenFed Premium Travel Rewards: 877-353-4748 (or 712-328-3852 overseas Direct)


Visa and MasterCard: 

  • Visa, Visa Check Card and MasterCard: 888-918-7313 (or 727-299-2449 overseas collect)


(Internal Use Only): Visa & MasterCard Falcon Automated “Digital Voice” Transaction Verification Calls: 

This number is listed ONLY for authentication purposes for our membership. Do not call this number under any circumstances, unless you have been directly contacted by Falcon at this number. All others should contact a live Falcon Agent at 888-918-7313, as noted above.

Automated "Digital Voice" calls are a quick and efficient way for our fraud detection system, Falcon, to verify PenFed Visa and MasterCard cardholder transactions.

  • Credit: Visa/MasterCard 800-681-9005 
  • Check Card: (Visa Debit) 800-232-0649



Check / Credit Card Fraud Protection


This area provides tips for protecting yourself from check / credit card fraud. check / credit card fraud generally occurs when cards or card numbers are compromised. By following these simple guidelines your potential for loss can be minimized.

Tips for protecting yourself against check / credit card fraud:

  1. Keep a list of all your check / credit cards including the account number and phone number to the issuing company. Keep this information in a safe place.
  2. Review your check / credit card statement as soon as possible. Match charges with your receipts to ensure all charges are yours and are for the correct amount.
  3. Use the online banking service from your card issuer so you can check charges between receiving mailed statements.
  4. Always sign a new check / credit card immediately.
  5. When making a purchase with a check / credit card, make sure your get back the card and the receipt. Check the receipt for accuracy.
  6. When using a check / credit card at a restaurant or store, make sure that all blank lines are marked through so that no one can change the final amount.
  7. Never sign blank check / credit card receipts.
  8. Only travel with the check / credit cards you plan on using.
  9. Never give the account number of the check / credit card over the phone unless you initiate the call.
  10. When making an order over the telephone, try to avoid using a cordless phone. Messages on some cordless phones can be easily intercepted by devices as unsophisticated as baby monitors and police scanners.
  11. Do not write the PIN for the account on the card.