Issue: I'm getting a secured certificate error message when I attempt to access on my Mac.


Solution: In order to correct this error when you are accessing the website via Chrome on your Mac computer, please perform the following steps to alleviate the aforementioned issue.


1. Open Chrome
2. Navigate to ‘’
3. On the error page, choose to view ‘Certificate Information’ by clicking the lock in the URL bar
4. Drag the certificate to the desktop (note the file name is ‘’)
5. Using Chrome’s wrench menu (to the right of the URL bar), select ‘Settings’
6. Within the Settings menu, choose to ‘Show advanced settings…’
7. Under the ‘HTTPS/SSL’ heading, choose to ‘Manage certificates…’
8. In the left column of Keychain Access, select ‘login’ and ‘Certificates’
9. If ‘’ does not already exist in this window, drag the certificate from step 4 into the window
10. Double-click the certificate within Keychain Access
11. Expand ‘Trust’
12. Change the value of ‘Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)’ to ‘Always Trust’
13. Close the window (you may be required to provide credentials at this point)
14. Quit Keychain Access
15. Quit Chrome (this is critical, as Chrome will not recognize the new trust rule until it is restarted)
16. Open Chrome
17. Navigate to ‘’ – the site should render at this point.