American Medical Association Physician Offers
  • The American Medical Association is proud to collaborate with Pentagon Federal Credit Union (PenFed) in a continuing effort to provide value-added benefits to Physicians and AMA Employees. PenFed is one of the largest U.S. credit unions with a superb reputation for member service and quality. It is also recognized for the excellent member value delivered across its varied financial products.


  • AMA Exclusive Credit Card Offers

    AMA Exclusive Credit Card Offers

  • PenFed Auto Loans

    PenFed Auto Loans

  • PenFed Savings Products

    PenFed Savings Products

  • PenFed IRAs

    PenFed IRAs

  • PenFed Mortgages and Equities


    These products are available to all PenFed members and are not affinity specific nor endorsed.


  • PenFed Mortgages

    PenFed Mortgages

  • PenFed Home Equity Loans

    PenFed Home Equity Loans